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Conductive Elastomers

Since 1961, Chomerics has invented and extended virtually every aspect of conductive elastomer materials technology. 

Chomerics array of conductive elastomer compounds offers true flexibility in selecting appropriate material for applications on the basis of cost and attenuation required. 

Standard extrusions are hollow or solid strips from 0.71mm (0.028") to 50.8mm (2.0") wide flat ribbon with existing tooling in thousands of profiles. 

We also offer full-service fabrication for large and small volume requirements as follows;

  • Cut-to-Length
  • Spliced Joining
  • Framed Assemblies
  • Bonded Gaskets
  • Die-Cut and Precision Washer cuts

Almost every Chomerics elastomer grade is also available in sheet form with thickness ranging from 0.51mm (0.020" ) to 3.18mm (0.125"). 

JHC specializes in providing gaskets die-cut to clients drawing requirements.

 Products include:

  • Hollow "O" elastomer cord.
  • Solid elastomer cord.
  • D profile strips.
  • Stock sheet ranging from 0.51mm (0.020") to 3.18mm (0.125").
  • Specialised strip elastomers for enclosure shielding and IP sealing.
  • Conductive elastomer  "O" rings.
  • Conductive elastomer flat washers.
  • Waveguide gaskets.
  • MS connector Gaskets.

Latest News

Latest News


JHC relocates head office and expands in Sydney 

Location: U44 / 65-75 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah, NSW, 2229


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Contact Details

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Head Office
Location: U44 / 65-75 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah, NSW, 2229
Phone: 61(02) 9531-7905
Fax: 61(02) 9527-6662
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